Funny things my Chinese students said


Nina: *points at my chest, points at hers and makes actions for big boobs*


Me: can you play the piano?

Candy: piano


Me: Danny, what's this? *points at an ant*

Danny: OSCAR! (the name of another student in class)


Me: what's your name?

Danny: fine, thank you

Me: how are you?

Danny: how are you?


Me: say 'fox'

Danny: foh-kuh-see


Me: what's rule number two?

Danny: look and Danny (it's look and listen)


Me: *walks into class to see my teaching assistant helping students sound out CVC words (aka consonant-vowel-consonant words like 'bat' or 'sun')

Emily, the TA: *writes F U X* fuh-uh-ks FUX. Sound it out

Students: FUH-UH-KS FUX


Mia: my don't no family (she meant to say I don't have a family, which is untrue anyway)


Me: how do you spell guitar?

Candy: guh-ee-tar guitar


Lucas: *singing Kye's name to the melody of The Next Episode, Dr Dre*


Cindy: I don't like boys


Me: where do you live?

Kiki: closet


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