09. June 2021
Funny and/or terrible things my Korean students said
Kids say the darnedest things
28. May 2021
Everything I want to leave behind
I saved this document in my OneDrive as 'suffering'
05. January 2021
I am not enjoying teaching abroad
Surprise! Immigrant life can be hard
15. April 2020
Funny things my Chinese students said
Low level English lols
05. April 2020
A photo I was afraid to get developed in Shanghai because it depicted Hong Kongers protesting against the Chinese g*vernment
31. March 2020
A ranking of 23 Chinese (and Taiwanese and Hong Kong-ese?) cities, rice terraces, mountains, towns and regions in one comprehensive, totally biased list!
06. October 2019
The best worst Chinese English from my year in China
26. August 2019
TLG is a must! If you visit China, you have to do this trek
23. May 2019
I don't know this lady, she and her friends wanted pictures with me first and they seemed nice so I said yes. I moved on, she came to me and took my camera to take photos of me because I was alone and presumed I wanted that, which was adorable. Then her friend took photos of us together. A whole impromptu photoshoot.
09. May 2019
I had no idea what this T-shirt said

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