06. October 2019
The best worst Chinese English from my year in China
26. August 2019
TLG is a must! If you visit China, you have to do this trek
23. May 2019
I don't know this lady, she and her friends wanted pictures with me first and they seemed nice so I said yes. I moved on, she came to me and took my camera to take photos of me because I was alone and presumed I wanted that, which was adorable. Then her friend took photos of us together. A whole impromptu photoshoot.
09. May 2019
I had no idea what this T-shirt said
25. February 2019
Contains expletives, please don't read if you're related to me. Oh god, I've become an angry black woman
15. February 2019
*Trust me, the afro also got a lot frizzier than this. I wasn't prepared for Southeast Asian heat
07. January 2019
On having fun (and spending money) in Fuzhou
18. December 2018
Christmas in China wasn't overpoweringly jolly like it is in England and for that I'm grateful
27. November 2018
About my very high quality of life. Proportionate to the cost of living here, this is probably the richest I'll ever be
07. November 2018
Food in Fuzhou - cheap and delicious

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