I don't know what it is about Chinese and English but it seems that they are completely opposite languages. China is FULL of terrible, completely inaccurate English translations, to the point where it's rare to find correct English at all. You get the impression that people have used Google Translate and just mistyped what they read there (understandable when you consider doing the opposite - translating English to Chinese via Translate, then writing or typing out Chinese characters). My colleagues and I had a WeChat group chat called 'Shirt Stories' which was essentially full of what you see below. As an English teacher, I found rubbish Chinese English (or Chinglish) absolutely hilarious and have laughed out loud to every single one of these pictures. Hope you enjoy this dumb collection and tell me if you've ever seen Chinglish in your Asian travels too.


You can open the pictures up to be larger if you can't read the small writing.

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